General :
Ø  Flexibility to adjust in any Scope of Works by providing better strategic method of working procedures to any tasks and job given.

Computer Literacy :
Ø  Microsoft Office Program : excellent
Ø  Other Supporting Microsoft Office Program Support : Excellent
Ø  Multi Media File and Application : Excellent

Information & Technology :
Ø  International Network (Internet) : Excellent
Ø  Online Program : Excellent
-       Developing Website, for both Templates and HTML Codes
-       Webs had been developed :
- assisting to develop

Social Network :
Ø  Developing good relationships with the 1st Class Insurance Underwriters
Ø  Create mutual relationships with the Business Partners
Ø  Developing educative and mutual business relationship with the clients, keep them feeling comfort which leads to qualified long and lasting business cooperation.

Marketing :
Ø  Developing 1-Stop Customer Servicing at Magnus Mitra Sejahtera, Insurance Brokers as a services package, containing :
-       Providing Risks Management Services to the Clients
-       Providing unlimited access to communication and discussion to the clients for insurance matter, while recording its/their risk profile and increasing their awareness of Insurance needs.
-       Transferring the Insurance know-how, especially in developing the awareness what is cover and what is excluded including its application of Policy deductible.
Ø  Directing the 1-Stop Customer Servicing as the basis of maintaining qualified clients
Ø  Developing Global Network, by proposing Magnus Mitra Sejahtera taking the opportunities in joining the UNISONBrokers AG – Global Insurance Network, Germany.
Ø  Developing Claims Consultants Program at Magnus Mitra Sejahtera, as one of Marketing Source to increase the productivity.

Risks Survey Experience :
Ø  Kelapa Gading Mall 1, 2 & 3 – Conducting and Issued Report for PT. Tri Dharma Proteksi
Ø  La Piazza - Conducting and Issued Report for PT. Tri Dharma Proteksi
Ø  KAHATEX for Cijerah Factory and Purwakarta Factory – Conducting and Issued Report for PT. Tri Dharma Proteksi
Ø  PT. Indorama Synthetics – Accompany Ace Ina – Thailand (Mr. Simon Coulson) Risk Survey for Purwakarta Factory
Ø  PT. BALI WIDYA DIRGANTARA – Bali Flight Academy – Conducting and Issued Report for PT. Magnus Mitra Sejahtera
Ø  PT. Polypet & Polyprima – Chemical Factory – accompanied Survey by IGRC Mr. Hermanto
Ø  Accompany Claim Survey for Mitsubishi Corporation to PT Polypet Karya Persada Cargo Claims
Ø  Composing Risk Profile and Survey Report of PT. TIRTA MAHAKAM, survey conducted by Mr. Herdit Hermilian PT. Magnus Mitra Sejahtera
Ø  Accompany survey conducted by underwriters for Faber-Castell Indonesia
Ø  And many other retails industries

Insurance Placement Experience :
Ø  Industrial/Property All Risk, CAR+TPL Insurance, EAR+TPL Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, Fidelity Guarantee Insurance, Money Insurance, Public Liability, Comprehensive General Liability, CGL for contractors, D&O Liability Insurance, CPM Insurance (for Mining Contractors), Heavy Equipment+ TPL Insurance, Marine Cargo Insurance including Cargo for HE Units, Equipment All Risk Insurance,    Machinery Breakdown, Aviation Hull All Risk and Liability including its Ferry Flight, Aircrew Personal Accident, Loss of License, PAR Insurance for Flight Academy, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Employee Benefit Program and Life Insurance.
Ø  In the kind of Industry: Woodworking, Textile, Chemical and Petrochemical, Financing Company, Office Buildings & Hotelier and Resorts, Pharmaceuticals, Aluminum, Metal Works, Printing & Magazines, Aviation Industry, Manufacturing Industry, etc.

Claims Handling :
Ø  Textile Industry for Property All Risk Claims including its loss of Profits, Machinery Breakdown Claims, Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Claims, Money Insurance Claims, Public Liability (or CGL) Insurance Claims, Motor Vehicle Insurance Claims, Hospital Insurance Claims, Electronic Equipment Insurance Claims, Marine Cargo Insurance Claims and Moveable Equipment
Ø  Manufacturing Industries for Property All Risk Insurance Claims, Marine Cargo Insurance Claims, and Motor Vehicle Insurance Claims
Ø  Petrochemical Industries for Property All Risk Insurance Claims, Marine Cargo Insurance Claims, Motor Vehicle Insurance Claims.
Ø  Financing Company for Property All Risk, Burglary and theft, Money Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance
Ø  High-rise Office Building, Hotels, Condos and Apartments for Property All Risk Claims, Business Interruptions Insurance Claims, Machinery Breakdowns, Public Liability Insurance Claims
Ø  Engineering Industry, Oil and Gas for Contractor’s / Erection All Risk Insurance Claims including its Third Party Liability Insurance Claims, Electronic Equipment Insurance Claims, Machinery Breakdown Insurance Claims
Ø  Retail Industries for Property All Risk Insurance Claims, Motor Vehicle insurance claims.
Ø  Employee Benefit Section for Personal Accident Insurance Claims, Group Hospitalization Insurance Claim, Pension Program Claims.

Leadership :
Ø  Participated in Group of Project during tertiary and secondary studies,
Ø  Chief of PASKIBRA 17 (1988),
Ø  Chief of IRPIT (Ikatan Remaja PLN Pikitterm – 1989)
Ø  Chief of OSIS SMAN 17 (1989)
Ø  General Secretariat of FK-OSIS DKI Jakarta (1990)
Ø  Department Head in the several previous employment

Training and Presentation Skills :
Ø  Insurance Trainer at PT. Panca Saridarma Manunggal
Ø  Insurance Trainer at PT. Tri Dharma Proteksi
Ø  Insurance Trainer at PT. Magnus Mitra Sejahtera
Ø  Doing Road-Show Educative Training to most of PT, Magnus Mitra Sejahtera’s Clients in socializing “The awareness of the Risk Profile and how to understand your insurance Policy”

Entrepreneurs :
Ø  1998 - Family owned business – Printing and Event Organizer
Ø  2008 – Develop an Online Marketing Global Network at Home